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Who is Kristopher Michaels?

Storm pushed me4

To be  honest, it has taken me almost 47 years to find the answer to that  question and just when I thought I had the answer I fell in love and who I thought I was, was not who I am now.  I don’t know if I still feel like a Pagan. I lost so much faith when my mother died and the in June 2008 my cat Pywackett died and so I have really started to wonder if there is anything out there other then stares. I am not as fun loving as I was. I do still have a wicked  sense of humor, I don’t smoke, or do drugs (yes that means pot also!)  If you you consider chocolate a drug I am very much an addict! I do have a drink once in a while, like at a party or dance. Why if it was not for  my insanity I would be very boring HAHAHA.

Where I have been:

I have  moved all over the USA, I was born in Merced, CA. But I have lived in WA, MA, MN, OR. I started moving so much after my mother died in 1996 of cancer. I had moved back to California (from WA)  to take care of her the last year of her life. After that, I just felt  the need to explore all that I could. Since she was the only living  family I had left , I could now go out into the world without any obligations to anyone but myself. So I went for it and travailed,  learned and grew as a person. A few years ago I felt a need to come home to CA. I am glad to say I have moved to Fair Oaks CA. AKA Sacramento CA.

My Involvement:

When I was a kid, I was a thin (4.Lbs when born), shy, scared of my own shadow  person and I was always sick. I have grown out of most of those  things I am happy to say. I was involved in the chubby rights movement  for a positive image in society and the gay mainstream for about 8 years before disappearing from sight a few years ago. I learned a lot about  people while modeling. I wish I could say it was all good, but I can’t.  However, it was an adventure and that is something good for the soul, as long as you come out of it alive, and I did! I was on the cover of The Big Ad magazine number 42 and in 3 or 4 layouts for it. I had great fun doing  them. I have not done anything like that since 1994 so I am always  shocked (but complimented) when someone remembers me from it.

Have I ever been in love?

I have had  four men in my life that I can say I have been very much in love with and still am with the 4th.  (Dean D, Mike S, Jim M and now Mr. Man) with the exception of Mr. Man, they lasted about a year each, give or take a month or lifetime <smile>. I have been in a LTR for over 2  years now.  It is hard work and at times I wonder if it is worth it. Then there are days I know I would be lost without him.  He is younger then I am and so I do feel like an old man sometimes when out with him. He is all I could ever ask for in a man, lover, friend. It is hard to let down the walls I built up for 10 years of being on my own but I am trying. He is in the closet so that is why no name is being used.


I have a  few but close friends. I care  for them all, dearly. I have to say I don’t trust people easily. There  have been rumors out there in the world that I am a jerk to people; well I can honestly say I am very much a jerk.... if that means not letting people hurt, walk all over and abuse me, makes me a Jerk, so be  it!. Just consider the source when hearing such things is all I ask. I  am by far NOT perfect, but I do hold myself accountable. I also want the people in my life to do the same, if they can’t (or won’t) then they  can hit the road!!! I have lost some friend over the years (we all have) people come and go and nothing is forever.


I had a wonderful Cat named Pywackett. He was my best friend!!! There had been times I don’t know if I would  have made it without him around. I got him when he was only six weeks  old, 10 years ago this coming November. I came home to find him dead in 2008. I had to go out of town for a week and when I got back he was just laying there in the hall. The people that were to take care of him did not and from what I can see, he died of no water. I cannot tell you the guilt I feel every single day! I know that I have been keeping myself from being as happy as I could be the last year because of that guilt.  I honestly do not know if I can or will ever forgive myself!

Physical Stuff:

I am now 47 years old. (GOD I am old!) I was born on July 7th 1963. My  hair is Brown with Gray (for now anyway) My eyes are brown. I am 5 foot 7" tall and I go back and forth from 380 to 400 Lbs. I want to get down  to 320 Lbs again as I feel best at that size. I have some disabilities  that are not noticeable looking at me, but they are there nonetheless,  if you have a problem with that, I understand completely! Oh, and don’t  let the cyber door hit you in the ass on your way out! I have to be honest and say that the last couple of years I have been ill. My health seems to be going down but I try to keep a stiff upper lip about it. I hope things will turn around but if not I have a live in aid that helps me so much.

My Interests:

My  Interests include, but are not limited to, bowling, volleyball, some  other outdoor things, playing board/role playing/card games, play station, WII, people  watching, dining out, cooking, long walks, shopping, meeting friends for coffee, computers, going to the beach for the day and/or just doing  whatever with friends on the spur of the moment. You know, like going to Jack-in-the-box at three AM then coming home and watching horror movies for the rest of the night..


I love scary movies! Horror, both good and bad, is the best in my book, but I am open to most themes. The Haunting (original) and What Lies Beneath are my all time favorite horror movies. I also love Girls Will Be Girls, Auntie Mane, Repo The Genetic Opera and so many more.


I love, Judge Judy, Wipeout, Modern Family, Happy Town, Desperate Housewives, , Flipping Out, My Life on The D List, Drawn Together reruns and most shows from Britain. I will forever be a Dark Shadows fan.


I’m into Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Kate Bush, The Feeling, No Doubt, Gwen  Stefani, Moby, Garbage, Milk Inc., Sylver, Berlin, Robbie  Williams, Pink, Rob Zombie, The Motels, Martha Davis, GoldFrapp, Blue  October, Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lasgo and much more. I listen to most kinds of music(except country and rap).


I love watching as well as performing in community Theatre. My favorite plays are WickedThe Phantom Of The Opera, Into The Woods and Kiss Of The Spider Woman.

Well, there I am in a really big nutshell. If you want to know anything else about me (could there be anything else?) please feel free to E-mail me and ask. Don't worry, I won’t bite... Oh, who am I kidding, hell yes I bite!


Kristopher Michaels

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